Continuum (2012)

When Simon Barry and I were conceiving the approach to the score to Continuum, we agreed that the musical thread that anchored the score should be the same thing that anchors the show itself, Kiera.

Kiera’s theme needed to be something that could be strong and self-assured, but also have aspects to it that could be vulnerable and even wistful for the past ( future! ) she has left behind. It needed to be memorable, and also malleable enough to be presented in any number of situations/moods that our heroine finds herself in. There are other musical themes in the show of course, Liber8 and Carlos/the Police are also featured musically, but the score starts with Kiera and the considerable grace and strength that Rachel Nichols brings to the role.

I encouraged a partially-orchestral approach to the series. The world that Simon has created for Continuum is not a small or safe place and calls for music that is as Cinematic as Simon’s vision of his characters and stories. The Orchestra is the musical-partner for a story like this, and it is a large part of the soundscape of Continuum.



Continuum – Seasons 2 & 3

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