Guillermo Del Toro’s
Cabinet of Curiosities (2022)

When Vincenzo Natali and I first met to discuss the music for his Cabinet Of Curiosities episode, we talked about the origins of ‘ The Graveyard Rats’. Henry Kuttner’s 1936 short story was steeped in New England Gothic fog and gloom, and Vincenzo’s film vividly brought that to life. The film has a kind of outside – of – time feeling to it, so we wanted a score that didn’t pin the film into any particular epoch or decade. An acoustic sound that was musical and thematic. Orchestral and heavily laced with dissonance – a word Vincenzo used a lot in our process. The result combines a large dark orchestra palate, combined with rawer elements like slamming metal doors, heavy machines and a choir of Contra Bass Saxophones for the Queen Rat. The composer’s own fear of enclosed spaces may have added a little extra dissonance as well – hopefully to the betterment of the score!


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